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2011 OMIG Abstract 12

Ocular antibiotic efficacy: Doing the math
S. Gardner, Atlanta, GA

Purpose: To integrate recent literature describing microbial eradication rates using ophthalmic antibiotics with the PK/PD factors that reflect actual circumstances in clinical practice, raising awareness of important differences.  Topical antibiotics vs intracameral injection will be included.

Methods:  Selected studies that report microbial eradication rates using ophthalmic antibiotics are compared to: a) clinical circumstances and related PK/PD factors, and b) results of clinical studies that offer insight into in vivo vs in vitro effects.

Results:  Important differences are seen between reports that describe laboratory, or in vitro, suggestions of antimicrobial efficacy in the eye, and reports that better describe the clinical practice setting and results of clinical trials.

Conclusions: Studies that incorporate the PK/PD factors, reflective of actual clinical circumstances, may offer valuable insight into predicted efficacies of antibiotic regimens used for the treatment or prevention of infections in the eye.

Disclosure:  N; C

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