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2005 OMIG, Abstract 23

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Vernal Conjunctivitis: Descriptive Conjunctival and Nasal Impression Cytology

Purpose- To investigate the presence of eosinophils in the ocular surface and nasal mucosa, studied by scraping and impression cytology; and to make a correlation between those finds and the score of clinical severity with vernal conjunctivitis.

Methods: 24 patients (mean age 9,6 yrs), 18m and 6 with vernal conjunctivitis were examinated and classified based in their clinical exams (score). Cells were collected: from the nasal mucosa, superior palpebral conjunctiva and tarsal conjunctiva using pore-sizes cellulose acetate paper and from the superior palpebral conjunctiva using sharp-edge spatula to scrap the conjunctiva (conventional technique). The specimens were examinated by light microscopy, after been fixed and stained with hematoxylin eosin, periodic add-Schiff and Papanicolau stain in the IC, and with Giemsa stain in the conventional technique.

Results: Eosinophils were observed in the tarsal conjunctiva in 62.5% and 41.7% of scraping technique and impression cytology respectively. In impression cytology of the bulbar conjunctiva and nasal mucosa, eosinophils were demonstrated in 58.3% and 70 8% respectively. There was a reduction of the conjunctiva! globet cells population in 62.5 % of patients. Considering the clinical score, there was.a statistically significant higher mean rank in males than females p=0.038, and in patients with reduction of the conjunctiva! globet cells (p=0.036). No statistically significant difference was noted between the exams, considering the eosinophils cells and clinical mean rank score.

Conclusion: Descnptive conjunctival and nasal impression cytology is a very reliable and practical technique that offers a valuable alternative test to investigate the eosinophils cells in vernal conjunctivitis. There is no correlation between the clinical score and the cytology finds.


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