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2011 OMIG Abstract 24

Conjunctival juvenile xanthogranuloma
M. Savetsky, L. Schoenfield, A.D. Singh
Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, OH

Purpose: Isolated conjunctival involvement of juvenile xanthogranuloma (JXG) is extremely rare. There are only three prior published cases of conjunctival JXG. We report here the fourth case of conjunctival JXG.

Methods: The patient, a 3-year-old female, presented for evaluation of a focal, pale pink, mobile, soft 2 x 2 mm lesion on the conjunctiva of her right eye. There was no limbal involvement. An excisional biopsy was performed, which revealed submucosal infiltrate consisting of foamy histiocytes, lymphocytes and typical Touton giant cells, characterized by a wreath of nuclei in the central part of the cell surrounded by foamy cytoplasm, corresponding to a diagnosis of JXG.

Results: There was no recurrence of the lesion at three months. Excisional biopsy of these lesions is recommended for its diagnostic work-up and resolution.

Conclusions: When one is presented with a pale, circumscribed and nonvascular conjunctival lesion, one must consider the possibility of JXG, especially in a young patient. Literature regarding conjunctival and limbal JXG is reviewed and discussed.

Disclosures: N

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