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Sending Specimens for Laboratory Testing to the

UPMC Charles T. Campbell Ophthalmic Microbiology Laboratory

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The following must be submitted:

  1. A completed laboratory requisition. Include the doctor’s office phone and fax numbers. Quick link: Lab Requisition
  1. Patient demographics and insurance information must accompany all specimen submissions.
  1. Ensure the patient’s insurance is accepted by UPMC. You may need to obtain Insurance Authorization prior to laboratory testing submission. Quick Link: CPT Codes
  1. Specimen requirements:
  • Label each specimen with the patient name and second identifier (ex/ date of birth).
  • Bacterial/Fungal/Gram stain/Giemsa Stain specimens can be sent at room temp.
  • Viral/Chlamydia/PCR samples should be sent on ice.
  • Acanthamoebae culture/PCR specimens should be sent on ice.

Packaging Specimens:

Diagnostic specimens can be easily delivered through couriers and public mail with a few simple requirements as mandated by federal law. These samples must be double-sealed to prevent any leakage of sample. A proper amount of desiccant to absorb any leakage due to damage should also be packed within the double-sealed specimen. The sample should be marked to indicate that the package is a diagnostic specimen.

For example, a corneal specimen collected on a soft-tipped applicator and placed in a plastic tube (transport sleeve, culturette (Becton Dickinson, Sparks, MD), wrapped in a paper towel, enclosed in a sealable vinyl zip-locked bag, placed in a bubble mailer addressed to the laboratory, and marked as “Diagnostic Specimen (Not Restricted) – Packed in Compliance with IATA Packing Instructions 650,” would be a properly sent diagnostic sample.

Send specimen package by courier/mail to:

UPMC Charles T. Campbell Ophthalmic Microbiology Laboratory
Eye & Ear Institute Room 643
203 Lothrop St., Pittsburgh, Pa 15213

We accept specimens MONDAY-FRIDAY from 8:00am to 3:30pm.

If the delivery is not going to make it by 3:30 pm MONDAY-FRIDAY, hold the specimen for delivery the following week day, OR send the specimen to the UPMC Presbyterian Hospital Emergency Room using the following protocol:

AFTER 3:30 PM, Mon-Fri & Weekends:

To UPMC Presbyterian Hospital E.R.

  1. Inform the on-call Ophthalmology Resident by pager (412-647-PAGE; pager #7359) that a specimen for Ophthalmic Microbiology will be delivered to UPMC Presbyterian Emergency Room.
  2. Send specimen by courier to: UPMC Presbyterian Hospital Emergency Room, 200 Lothrop St, Pittsburgh, Pa 15213.
  3. The courier needs to have the ER personnel page the on-call ophthalmology resident (412-647-PAGE; pager #7359) to pick up the specimen.
  4. The on-call resident will place the specimens in ER refrigerator or incubator for laboratory personnel to pick up the following day.

Please call the lab with any questions (412) 647-7211

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Photo of Eye and Ear Institute and Biomedical Science Tower buildings
Photograph of Eye and Ear Institute and Biomedical Science Tower buildings and walkway.