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2018 OMIG Abstract

Treatment of Corneal Ulcers with a Novel Far-UV SterilrayTM Wavelength (222nm) Lamp

J. James Rowsey, MD1, John Michaelos, MD1, Brad Fouraker, MD2, Louis Michaelos, DO3, Ed Neister4, John Neister4, Steve Hudson4, Scott Stevens, MD5, Capritta Roberts, DO6
1St. Michaelís Eye and Laser Institute, Largo, Florida, 2Brandon Eye Center, Brandon, FL,
3University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, 4 Ocular Photo Disinfection, LLC, Somersworth, NH,
5Bend Ophthalmology, Bend OR, 6Perich Eye Center, New Port Richey, FL


Purpose: To determine if 222nm FAR-UV wavelength light can effectively treat severe corneal ulcers.

Methods: Twenty-two patients with severe corneal ulcers, without perforation, have been treated under a Western IRB approvedprotocol with 222nm FAR-UV. Cultures on all appropriate media were obtained before and after 60 seconds of 222nm FAR-UV light application. Success was defined as culture positive ulcers before treatment and culture negative results after treatment.

Results: Ten patients were culture positive before FAR-UV treatment with subsequent negative cultures in eight (80% success). Twelve patients were culture negative before FAR-UV treatment, presumably due to prior antibiotic therapy before referral. However,three culture negative patients before and after treatment still required PK to salvage the eye with negative cultures even from these specimens. One of these three patients demonstrated presumed acanthamoeba and one demonstrated presumed candida on histology.

Conclusion: 222nm FAR-UV therapy has the potential to sterilize culture positive corneal ulcers with 60 seconds of treatment, even before culture and sensitivity results are available. Organism depth or scleral extension may require further intervention.

Disclosure: N (BF, JM, LM, SS, CR); C,P (JJR); P,O (JN, EN), E,O (SH)



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