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2003 OMIG, Abstract 20

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Microbial Keratitis After Amniotic Membrane Grafting (AMG)
Prashant Garg, K Srivalli, Savitri Sharma, Gullapalli N Rao. L V Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, India.

Objectives: To report cases of microbial keratitis occurring after AMG.
Design: Consecutive case series.
Methods: Medical and microbiology records of all cases that developed corneal infiltrate after AMG were reviewed. We noted the indications for AMG, interval between the surgery and the complication, possible risk factors, and the organisms isolated in these cases.
Results: Between January 2002 to July 2003, 394 AMG were performed at our center. Of these 8(2.03%) cases developed microbial keratitis after the surgery. The indications for AMG in these cases were acute chemical injury (N=3), persistent epithelial defect (N=2), and combined with lamellar keratectomy (N=3). The complication developed 2 days to 70 days after the surgery. Possible risk factors were loose suture (N=7) and bandage contact lens (N=3). We isolated bacteria in 5 cases and fungi in 1 case. Infection resolved with medical therapy in four cases while 3 cases required penetrating keratoplasty. One eye was eviscerated.
Conclusions: Although rare amniotic membrane grafting is also associated with the risk of microbial keratitis. Presence of loose sutures and use of bandage contact lens predispose these cases to this complication.

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