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2019 OMIG Abstract

Sustained Delivery of Cyclosporine Using Cross Linked Collagen Wafers

Richard A. Eiferman, MD1, Dale P. Devore, PhD2, Douglas Borchman, PhD1
1University of Louisville, Louisville, KY; 2D V Consulting

Purpose: To develop a sustained drug delivery system for cyclosporine (CSA) using cross linked collagen wafers. This method would eliminate the need to self administer eye drops and improve compliance.

Methods: Cyclosporine is poorly soluble in water. Commercial topical preparations require an emulsion to deliver CSA. At therapeutic levels. Cyclosporine powder can be mixed into a patented long lasting cross linked collagen wafer. The finely powdered drug is trapped within the collagen matrix. As the collagen hydrolyzes, the drug is released. The collagen wafer completely biodegrades a wafer containing 1.5 mg of CSA was placed in a 3 cc vial filled with d20. Samples were taken every week and the amount of CSA in the fluid was measured by NMR.

Results: At the end of the first week, there was 2.6 ugm in the fluid. At 2 weeks, there was 2.1 ug, at 3 weeks there was 1.8 ug and at 4 weeks there was 1.6 ug.

Conclusion: Systained release of CSA from collagen wafers is feasible. It is possible to place a pre-loaded wafer under the conjunctiva and provide long term drug delivery without the need for topical drops. This approach is not only suitable for humans but can be useful in veterinary medicine where the use of topical medication is problematic. The wafers can be made in any size or shape and can be placed under the conjunctiva using a cartridge and an injector.

Disclosure: P: Drs Eiferman and Devore have a patent on this technology



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